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2 week “No Meat Diet”

2 week “No Meat Diet”

It’s been very difficult i must say. but my whole purpose in doing this “No Meat” diet was to see how i would feel for many personal reasons. For us women our doctors say our diet has a great deal to do with our menstrual cycle cramps and things. Which became so interesting to me. “Your telling me if i eat less of something i will have l less cramps” ? i was all for it!  I mean after all it is what we eat that keeps us going or slows us down. I did absolutely no work outs at all through this 14 day period and still managed to loose 3 1/2 pounds and of course i don’t see it but everyone around me does.

How ever i will say less meat gave me the energy i needed to work out if i wanted to ! I work at a pizza shop from 9pm -4am and man i tell you i had the energy to do those hours! Effortlessly with my eggs and potatoes slightly season with green peppers wheat english muffin or granola or banana i was set! I’ve encouraged everyone around me to try a couple days certainly not 14 days to many it sounds impossible ! 

I just want to say my ex – girlfriend came and visited me for a weekend she is the navy. Her name is Amber Henderson and well she kind of put me up to it. I truly want to thank her for the support and ingredients to this successful diet. I want to also thank everyone who ate meat around me ! It allowed me to become stronger as the days went on. I can even honestly admit being at my job and smelling certain things were no longer appealing after the 5th day my 3rd was the most difficult it was kind of the day i either turn around and quit or kept pushing. 

With all that being said it was very fun and i would do it all over again after Midnight tonight i can not wait to enjoy these chicken fingers! Thanks for reading! 

If your interested in any of the meals i ate just follow me on instagram @theeiyanamonet i uploaded every meal everyday and spoke a lot about them on twitter or shoot me a email 

Stay Healthy!


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